What we like to call impressive.

The boys turned up and turned it on for last night’s MSFW: MR runway.

An impeccably dressed crowd was ready to see what Calibre, Dom Bagnato, M.J. Bale, Arthur Galan, Aquila, Godwin Charli, Autonomy and Melbourne young’uns AMXANDER had to offer.

And it was good.

Styles extended beyond the expected schmick three-piece suits, to showcase looks with a distinct ease. Fabrics were lighter and the styling more relaxed – a positive sign of what’s to come as we head into spring.

As usual, designers played with florals for the new season, while the addition of a camo print left the crowd concerned, as everyone wondered why they couldn’t see the models on the runway.

The highlight was AMXANDER, though. The boys from Melbourne were a breath of fresh air for the traditionally suit-heavy runway, delivering a clean collection of contemporary streetwear. 


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