Review: RMIT Graduate Showcase Runway ‘Fresh Cuts’

Well played.

Last night saw the RMIT Fashion Design Honours year present their collections in a runway at The North Melbourne Meat Markets. 

Aptly titled Fresh Cuts, the runway showcased garments that were all technically excellent, comprising a strong and varied range of both men’s and womenswear. Opening the show were more colourful designs, favouring bold patterns and clashing colours. It then moved along the spectrum, concluding with more neutral tones paired with subtle silhouettes. 

Standouts were those who encompassed current trends with a little artistic flare. Highlights included Bella McGoldrick, whose rhinestone work paired with fur shoes was basically to die for. Evelyn Li also impressed, adding a contemporary edge to sports luxe while retaining the durability that activewear favors. Props also go out to Ali Kennedy, who completely nailed the idea of creating wearable art, showcasing clothes that I didn’t even know I needed until now. 

The talent of these students is so intimidating, I left a little dissatisfied with my own accomplishments. Well played RMIT.


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