VAMFF Diary: Premium Runway 5

The one where I outfit repeated.

VAMFF Day Six welcomed Premium Runway 5 presented by Shop til you Drop to the Melbourne Museum precinct. After confirming that yes, Shop is still a functioning magazine, I was ready to witness some fashunz.

Before continuing this diary entry, I would like to acknowledge the following:

1) I was committing the heinous fashion crime of wearing the exact same outfit I had worn the day before

2) I was already a few too many champagnes deep

3) My phone was on eight per cent, significantly limiting my Snapchat/note taking abilities

Arguably, I was not prepared for this show. Another way of looking at it is that fashion never sleeps and when it calls you have to be ready. Even if it means outfit repeating a highly identifiable cobalt blue, scarf print backless dress with patent leather boots.

I had also managed to convince my boyfy to come along, despite his protests that his tie wasn’t ‘fashion’ enough. You can see it here. He was wearing a suit because:

4) We had just come from the races

After a quick introduction to some #bloggerz and an air kiss with the guy next to me whose name I never caught, I was (relatively) ready for the show to begin. Phone now on six per cent.

Shona Joy

Every piece that Shona Joy showcased was highly wearable. It was all clean and feminine, with off-shoulder tops and ultra fine pleats – you know, the nice kind that doesn’t make you look any bigger than you need to. Necks were high but not fitted, sleeves played on volume and a military influence could be spotted in leather, camel-coloured pieces. It was safe, but still very nice. 

Third Form

A press release popped into my inbox last week, calling Third Form the bloggers’ favourite fashion label. Arguably this claim is a little sweeping, but the pieces we saw definitely had that blogger appeal. It was textural, sleek and very photogenic, with slight flares that would flow in the breeze for those candid #ootd shots. Bonus points for colours that are easy to mix and match.

Finders Keepers the Label

Two words: Candy stripe. This is going to be a verrry successful print for the label. We love red for autumn, but nothing too striking for everyday wear, and this twist on the candy stripe nails it. Among cocktail dress staples that played on elements of folding, two other highlights emerged. One: that double breasted blazer. Starting higher up the torso and in a soft cream colour, this is a much needed update on the blazer. Two: those open shoulder jumpsuits. I own a top in the same cut and trust me when I say it is flattering. Even better when the bottom half does the same thing. 

Wild Horses

Bringing ‘cool’ factor to the Shop Runway, Wild Horses opened with a simple black shift with an open V neck. From there, nothing was simple. We saw ultra detailed laser-cut fabrics, barely there straps, patterned sheer layers and intricate cut outs. Then there was a cobalt blue satin slip. It was beautiful, but that split right up the middle went suspiciously high. Not sure how that one would go down at dinner with Grandma.

Keepsake the Label

Perhaps the most fashion forward of all the labels showcased, Keepsake didn’t hold back. Japanese influences were evident across kimono-like necklines and sleeves, alongside folded satin fabrics with light embellishment. These were balanced with ballerina-esque features, including a floaty pink boobtube. (Side note: why do they call them boobtubes? It’s like the ugliest and most literal descriptor for a garment ever.) Keepsake also showcasd a pair of gorgeous blush pink cigarette pants. They looked like the ones Gigi Hadid wore when she swapped hair with Kendall and the internet freaked out. You know, these ones?  Yeah.

White Suede

Jacqui Demkiw knows her aesthetic and executes it well. She designs for the boss woman who wants to show she’s powerful without sacrificing femininity. The lady who somehow arrives at work at 6am with a full face of make-up and not a hair out of place and gets. shit. done. (Seriously though, how do those people do it?) It was modern day power dressing. Sexy but neat, flirt but powerful, sleek but strong. Looks were either all black or all white, because who has time for colour any more? Not this woman.


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