You can now create a personalised silver necklace of your pet

Words by Tara Smith

Animal lovers rejoice.

Remember that time pet friendship necklaces were a thing and everyone lost their minds?

Well, there’s a new pet necklace on the block, and this one is even better.

GrrCats is giving animal lovers the opportunity to have their four-legged friends immortalised in sterling silver form. All you have to do is upload a photo of your pet, and GrrCats will create a personalised silver necklace from it. Genius, I know.

Each piece is handcrafted, with the option to engrave the back with your pet’s name if you choose. Despite the name, GrrCats can do any pet (yes, even your guinea pig) as long as you have a photo.

On a slightly weirder level, you can also upload a photo of a human and get a necklace made for a significant other. But then again, wearing a sterling silver necklace of your partner around your neck is terrifying and you probably shouldn’t do it.

To get your pet immortalised forever, head here.


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