Australia’s first biodegradable bamboo pads are here

Image via Bamboo Babe


Thankfully, more women are starting to think about what’s in their feminine hygiene products and, just as importantly, what happens after they’re disposed of.

Bamboo Babe is producing Australia’s first biodegradable, non-toxic pads. As the name suggests, each pad is made from bamboo, which is said to be more absorbent than cotton.

The offering promises to be super thin, absorbent and hypoallergenic, and comes available on a subscription service. This means no more mad dashes to the supermarket when your time rolls around unexpectedly.

According to the brand, regular pads can take up to 800 years to break down in landfill and are sometimes laden with nasty fillers, plastics and chemicals. Instead, Bamboo Babe’s alternative is both compostable and biodegradable (including the wrapper).

They’re available to purchase here, so you can make the switch to something that’s gentle on the environment and your body, too.


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