The best sex toys you can get for $70 and under



When you’re a budget-conscious hornbag.

I’m relieved that we’ve now culturally reached a place of being more open and honest about our sex toy use. Recommendations and reviews abound, and it’s not considered untoward to gift someone in your life a new vibrator.

As it turns out, sex toys aren’t anything new – even our ancestors were using them. They weren’t made of incredibly soft silicone, and they certainly didn’t have air suction capabilities, but they were using them alright.

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Whether it was a bronze dildo or one of the world’s first hand-crank vibrators, they too were relentlessly horny. What people in the 18th century couldn’t do, however, was read this curated list of the five best sex toys you can get for under $70.

Because let’s be real, most of us masturbate, and many of us use sex toys, so we may as well tap into the hivemind if we’re wanting to find the best of the best.

Dame Zee Bullet Vibrator


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The Zee is a great gateway sex toy. A simple but sleek bullet vibrator, it has three speeds and a rechargeable battery and is the ideal sex toy to use during sex (if you feel like doing that).

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Vush Swish

I’m particularly fond of this waterproof, dual-tip vibrator because of the two bendable arms. Not to be too graphic, but you can use those arms in quite inventive ways – as Vush puts it, it “stimulates the parts of the clitoris you can’t see in the mirror“. And we simply love that.

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Unbound Babes Puff


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I’ve owned this clit suction vibrator for a little while now, and I have sung its praises far and wide (get a few wines in me and I’ll be convincing the girl I just met in the pub toilets that it’s “Seriously so good! And so affordable!!”). If you’re familiar with air suction vibrators, then you’ll get why this is good, but the compact size, its quiet motor, five speeds and the fact that it’s waterproof really seal the deal.

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Squirt G-spot Stimulator

This sleek glass G-spot stimulator wouldn’t look out of place as a paperweight on your bedside table. Coming in at $50, the curved body is intended to help you stimulate your G-spot, and, as the name suggests, squirt.

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Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a classic in the world of sex toys. It was the first air suction vibrator I tried – after my housemate convinced me it was worth it – and it changed the game for me. It’s the bestselling sex toy in Australia (no surprises there) it’s waterproof, has 11 pressure wave intensities and comes in at just under $70. A real bargain, if you ask me.

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