Terrarium Time

Terrariums are the perfect low maintenance indoor garden

If you want to embrace a bit of gar­den­ing but you’re short on space (or a green thumb) – a ter­rar­ium is a great option. They’re cheap and easy to put together, super low main­te­nance and allow you to bring the out­doors in.

What you’ll need:
– Glass container(s)
Organic Pot­ting Mix / Cacti And Suc­cu­lents Pot­ting Mix
– Small plants (herbs or suc­cu­lents are ideal)
– Peb­bles, Gravel

1. The key to a good ter­rar­ium is in the lay­ers – they need to be dense so start with about 3cm of peb­bles at the bot­tom of your glass container.

2. If you plan to grow herbs in your ter­rar­ium you’ll need some good qual­ity Organic Pot­ting Mix but in this case we’ve opted for Cacti And Suc­cu­lents Pot­ting Mix (ask for it at your local nurs­ery). Fill the ter­rar­ium with about 6-8cm of pot­ting mix (or more depend­ing on how deep your con­tainer is).

3. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty arrang­ing and plant­ing your succulents.

4. Add some left­over peb­bles or gravel around your plants – this is purely dec­o­ra­tion so skip if you pre­fer a cleaner look.

5. Make use of those lin­ger­ing Happy Meal toys and knick knacks (we’ve all got a few too many) and give them a home in your spank­ing new terrarium.

A note on water­ing your suc­cu­lents:
Indoor ter­rar­i­ums do best near win­dows with lots of indi­rect sun­light, but If you plan to keep your new ter­rar­ium out­doors it’ll need to be under­cover so that it’s safe from rain. Use a spray bot­tle to lightly water your plants every few weeks, but don’t overdo it! A wet ter­rar­ium = a mouldy mess. Yuck!

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