15 brands to wear to the gym if neon makes you throw up a little bit

Let’s get physical.

Whether you’re someone who works out on the reg or you’re just starting out in your *fitness journey*, you’ll know there are sacrifices that come with the fit life. 

These include: waking up at the crack of dawn, figuring out which way the piece of equipment goes so you don’t look like an idiot in front of everyone, drinking suspicious-looking smoothies and finding something to wear for every workout. 

This last one is difficult for a lot of people (me) because many of us (me) don’t like wearing a neon green jacket with leopard print tights and a tank that says “FEARLESS”

So I rounded up a few of my favourite activewear brands that come with minimal lame. 


Alo just scrapes onto the list because, while it does feature the occasional neon watermelon shade, it also features chrome bombers, slashed tights, fresh-to-death white twin sets and moto leggings that could definitely be worn straight to brunch.

Blue Life 

With a penchant for sheer panelling, grey marle, lace-ups and high-waisted joggers, this is a brand for those of us who want to look like Gigi Hadid at the gym (i.e. all of us). BYO black sunglasses and high pony.


Perfect if you love wearing pretty activewear, and count your daily exercise as a latte and walk around The Tan. Anything more hardcore will cause you to sweat, and C&M is just too nice and expensive for that. 

First Base 

This is Australian activewear that speaks to us neon-hating folk on a deep level. We’re talking khaki, grey marle, black, full-length tights, slouchy hoodies and caps we only wish we could wear backwards like the models. 

Ivy Park 

Get one step closer to Queen Bey with her painfully cool activewear label that features EXTREME oversized sweats (the best kind of sweats), cropped hoodies, mesh bombers and trademark bodysuits… all splashed with the Ivy Park logo so everyone knows how much you love her. 


Maybe you don’t want to wear head-to-toe black to the gym, and that’s cool. I mean, I don’t get it, but it’s cool. Koral is where it’s at for street-inspired activewear – think panelled leggings, mesh tops, patent bombers – in colours like musk pink, bronze, nude and navy. Cute.


L’urv is a Melbourne-based label making all of our dreams come true with millennial pink, khaki, burgundy and a deep camel collection Kanye would die over. The prints are worth a mention too: stripes, palm, camo and not a daggy leopard print in sight.


Off the shoulder tops, lil’ flippy skirts and sheer crop tops you could almost wear out to dinner after the gym. 


Nimble calls Bondi home, so they’re kinda nailing that Sydney am-I-on-a-run-or-am-I-grabbing-a-coffee-nobody-knows vibe. Their printed tights are amazing and not at all hideous. Just add a signature C&M tank and you’re good to go!

P.E Nation

The brainchild of Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, P.E. Nation is an active-meets-streetwear label that couldn’t be cooler if it tried. It wouldn’t even try anyway. It’s just that cool. It features a lot of colour-blocking, stripes and retro designs and I wish I could wear it all day, every day, even in my sleep.


Marble. Stars. Camo. Baby pink. Spots. Light Grey. Mesh. Just yes.


We all love Stussy for their tomboy steeze, and this continues into their activewear range with logo-printed tights, pink bombers, trackpants and zip-up jackets.

The Upside

Yoga, weightlifting, tennis, running… whatever you’re into, The Upside has pieces made specifically for all types of activity. While it’s pretty colourful and print-heavy, it steers towards whites, blues and reds, and steers away from cringe-worthy slogans, which we like. Plus, the new range is 10/10.


It’s like Ultracor knew we were all obsessing over stars lately and specifically made a line to get our money. There’s the bestselling Celeste Print Leggings, which are black with a star print. Then there’s the Sprinter Knockout Leggings, which are pink with a star print. Then there’s the Ultra Silk Leggings, which are purple with…… a star print. No complaints here.


Varley is one of my personal favs, for the simple fact that I feel like a badass ballerina when I’m wearing it. Their tights are high quality and super comfortable, and they have a range of cute sheer crop tops too, if you happen to be feelin’ yourself that day. 

Illustration by Twylamae.

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