5 exercises you can do inside for when it gets too damn hot out

From the comfort of your air-conditioned ice palace.

Our good old Aussie Summer is upon us. We’re talking sandy bums, glowy skin and $1 Slurpees. 

As blissful as Summer in Oz may be, it often means kissing goodbye to whatever outdoor workout regime existed (big or small – we don’t judge) pre soul-crushing heat.

For when it’s raining down a thousand suns outside and you don’t feel like singeing your feet on the pavement, here are five exercises you can do from the comfort of your air-conditioned ice palace.

1. Toe Taps (bonus – you get to lie on the floor)

Lie down on the floor and think about all the food you’re about to eat for Christmas lunch.

Then lift your knees up directly over your hips so your legs are at 90 degrees. Using your lower core, slowly bring your toes down to tap the floor, then lift back up to where you started.

Keep your belly braced hard and try to avoid lifting your lower back off the floor.

Six-pack abs: here we come. 

2. Crunches (bonus – you get to keep lying on the floor)

Because hot air rises and the floor is an excellent place to be this summer, stay there. Think about all the leftovers you’re gonna eat post-Christmas.

Then, bring your heels close to your butt and place your palms flat on your thighs. Slide your hands up your thighs towards your knees, like you’re sexy dancing in da club.

Keep your upper core engaged and imagine you’re sliding your ribs towards your hips – this is where the magic happens. 

3. Dips (for the back of your arms)

Find a chair and sit on it (wait, there’s more).

Place your palms on the edge of the chair with your fingertips facing forwards, with your elbows pointing back behind you. Lift your butt off and, keeping it close to the edge of the chair, take it down as low as you can. Now lower. Now push into your palms and lift yourself back up.

You should feel the burn in the back of your arms – hopefully, the muscle kind. If it’s your skin burning, you may want to get some aloe vera on that.

4. Squats (for the booty, obviously)

If you already drop it like it’s hot in the club, you’ve got this one down.

Start with your heels just outside your hips, and drop your booty back and down until you hit about knee height. Resist the urge to twerk and squeeze your butt to lift back up. You go girl! Now you can wear one of those T-shirts that say ‘drop it like a squat’ not so ironically.

5. Brisk strolls to the fridge (for when cravings hit)

Make a break for that leftover pudding. Really go for it. Maybe even break a sweat. It’s not gonna get eaten by itself.

It’s all about that incidental exercise – right?

Stay cool out there, babes. 

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