A Sydney studio is hosting ‘napping’ classes and where do we sign up?

Finally, it’s socially acceptable.

Finally, a place where it’s socially acceptable to take a nap halfway through your workday.

Self-described as a ‘boutique psychology and mindfulness studio’, The Indigo Project is a space offering naptime classes for your lunch break.

For a midday pick-me-up, you can attend a 20-30 minute nap session designed to reboot your mind and de-stress your workday. Why hasn’t somebody thought of this sooner?

Under the direction of head psychologist Mary Hoang, the studio also features a variety of other workshops, classes and events aim to increase your happiness, creativity and wellbeing.

We’re talking ‘yin & tonic’ yoga classes, ‘get your shit together’ workshops and breakfast raves. Sign us up.

Other weekly offerings range from music therapy to absolutely essential bonsai planting lessons.

Basically, it’s How to be a Better Human 101.

You can check out The Indigo Project here.

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