adidas has announced a new fitness app and it includes tips for ‘resting’

Best app everrrr.

If you’re lazy (like us) when it comes to exercise, we have some wonderful news for your Wednesday morning. adidas has just announced it will soon be rolling out a new health and fitness app, ALL DAY.

The idea is to make ‘health’ easier for people like us, aiming to use mobile to motivate us across four key pillars of wellness:

  • Movement: Core to our health, strength and well-being
  • Nutrition: The fuel we need to thrive
  • Mindset: Staying centred and focused on the game plan of the day
  • Rest: Taking the time to recharge our bodies and mind

Props to adidas for including that last one.

From these pillars, ALL DAY will send daily ideas, techniques and inspiration to your phone, helping keep you motivated when you really just cbf. Like that friend that keeps asking you to come to spin.

It’s all based on legitimate sports, data and behaviour science insights, so while it seems like a lazy way to approach fitness, it’s perhaps one of the best things you can do for your body.

Sadly for us lazies, the app is not available to the public quite yet. But if you’re keen to stay across updates, you can register your interest here.


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