Avocado chocolate exists in this world

Willy Wonka ain’t too happy about this one.

Apparently, we haven’t heard it all just yet.

It seems avocado isn’t just everyone’s new favourite ingredient for face masks or milkshakes these days. It’s also everyone’s new favourite flavour of chocolate.

You’re probably making a cringe face right now and that’s what we did too.

Premium gourmet chocolatier, Compartés, has developed an avocado chocolate that combines white chocolate with sustainably-grown, organic Californian avos. The new dessert was born via the collaboration of Compartés and the California Avocado Commission.

On a health kick? The brand also stocks vegan kale healthy dark chocolate bars, along with more sweet-sounding flavours like S’mores, Biscuits and Honey, and Birthday Cake.

Bars sell for about $13 each and they do ship internationally.

I guess you’ve got to try everything once.


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