Balencyoga is the activewear you need for your Friday

It says you care, but not too much.

You do yoga, right? I imagine you do, or you wouldn’t have clicked through to this article. That, or you like to roll around in your activewear on weekends and are looking for a more #fashion way to conduct your Sunday slobbery.

In which case, all good. This is a safe space. 

Today, we bond over a mutual love/curiosity of this amazing activewear line, Balencyoga. Spanning both men’s and women’s styles, it’s everything you’ve probably been looking for in yoga wear: functional, yet hilarious. 

The Signature and Pattern collections include tanks, tees, leggings and dad caps, all splayed with the signature Balencyoga logo. 

There’s also a Balencyoga towel if Bikram is your thing, as well as cropped tees to channel your inner Bella Hadid (I know she’s in there).

Prices are probably a little much for what I can only imagine the quality is like. But designer dupes do not come cheap. You can shop the range here.


Via Hypebae.

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