Behold: This activewear photo is this year’s version of ‘The Dress’

It’s clearly blue and grey, right?

Here we go again.

Just when we’d finally recovered from 2015’s #TheDress debacle, a new clothing illusion is making the rounds.

Facebook user, Rachel Stewart, has stirred up the Internet after posting a photo of what is clearly grey and blue Nike activewear.

The problem? The image caption asks if people are seeing anything other than pink and white.

Oh dear.

A quick survey of the office shows that this is indeed another ‘dress’ debacle, with some of us seeing blue and grey, and others seeing pink and white.

Thankfully, it’s probably down to science, rather than some random act of the devil. Back when we were debating ‘The Dress’, a neuroscientist at New York University explained that your body clock can affect the way you perceive colours.

Now that’s cleared up, all that remains to ask is, what colour do you see?

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