Dust off your Juicy Couture, velvet activewear is officially a thing

Vell yeah.

It’s time to dust off your Juicy Couture tracksuit because velvet activewear is officially a thing.

As the fitness industry becomes more driven by trends, London athleisure label SukiShufu has decided to capitalise. It’s made the risky move of utilising a fabric that is notoriously unfriendly to profuse sweaters like myself. Velvet.

“I love to mix up fabric weights, textures and finishes with the pieces I design to add more interest and detail to our garments,” says SukiShufu founder and designer, Caroline White.

“Velvet has come a long way since it’s heady days as a thick, heavy fabric mostly used in curtains or dowdy ball gowns. Today, velvet can be lightweight, stretchy and breathable all while maintaining its desirable soft-brushed finish.”

And while sceptics might remain somewhat unconvinced, we are asked to consider that velvet has already flourished in the athletic realm. Think of gymnast leotards, ice skating costumes and ballroom dancing outfits. Swimwear giant Triangl has also released a range of swimwear in the elusive fabric. 

The appeal in velvet, explains White, is that it’s unexpected:

“Velvet has such a luxurious handle and it adds a touch of casual glamour to your workout look and is completely fit for purpose — people will be surprised.”

Safe to say we have very mixed feelings about this one.



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