Someone buy us this lunchbox please

It looks like a clutch and tracks nutritional value.

On top of today’s list of things we want to buy is this Prepd Pack lunchbox

It looks like a cute clutch, houses a handy modular system of containers and has magnetic cutlery so you won’t forget which fork is yours in the mismatched cutlery drawer at work. 

It also means you’ll stop buying that $12.50 overpriced salad from the cafe downstairs every other day. 

Like anything invented in the year 2016, The Prepd Pack works win conjunction with an app. Prepd has partnered with professional nutritionists and chefs to suggest lunch-appropriate healthy recipes, thereby tracking the nutritional value of your lunch every day. 

The app also collects and stores data, giving you meaningful feedback about your diet. Pretty sure mine would say “stop eating a Kinder Bueno every other afternoon.” 

There’s a whole lot of other funky features to view through the Prepd crowdfunding page.

Consider this a PSA. 

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