Someone invented a marijuana tampon to cure PMS pain

Did not expect this one.

A lot of people take marijuana for a lot of different reasons. But this latest one could be the most bizarre yet.

We never thought we’d see the day that a cannabis infused vaginal insert became the answer to women’s health. Thanks to Matthew Gerson, creator of Foria Pleasure, it’s a huge possibility.

The tampon-sized suppository is based with cocoa butter and is a combination of THC (cannabis’ psychoactive element) and CBD (its healing element).

The pod aims to maximise muscle relief without inducing a high. Effects of the insert include relaxation, back pain relief and reduced anxiety.

Only downside is that it’s not a two for one deal. Unfortunately it doesn’t do the job of a regular tampon, meaning you have to wear both at once.

It’s currently being tested to see if the insert can be used as a form of pain relief during childbirth.

For now, it’s definitely a viable option to tell your cramps it’s #420 and time to chillax.


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