Study shows women surrounded by plants are happier and live longer

Time to smell the roses.

So it seems Pantone was onto something with its selection of Greenery as 2017’s Colour of the Year.

According to research by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham Women’s Hospital, women surrounded by vegetation live longer.

The study, conducted in the US over eight years, found that a plant-filled life was responsible for increased longevity, thanks to a number of factors. These include increased opportunity for social engagement and physical activity, as well as less air pollution.

According to the study, plants also have a positive impact on mental health. Results showed that living around greenery lowered chances of depression.

But if you’re a city gal at heart and not prepared to set up camp in the Botanical Gardens, indoor plants might be the way to go.

Increased productivity, cleaner air and lower blood pressure are all benefits of making your office and home a little more plant-friendly.

Feeling inspired? Check out our Guide to Indoor Greenery.

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