This sleek AF ring is actually the next best fitness tracker

Rose gold or slate grey?

Move over, Fitbit. Your intelligent, sleeker and infinitely more attractive cousin has arrived.

Named the winner of the CES 2017 Best Innovation for Wearable Technologies (yes, that’s a thing), the Motiv ring is the next best thing in tfitness tracking.

The high-tech ring has an optical heart rate sensor, as well as Bluetooth syncing to track your activity and sleep. It then churns this info into easy-to-read stats on your phone.

It’s also waterproof, has a battery that lasts for up to five days and comes with a handy keychain charger, which is probably the smartest idea we’ve heard for a while.

The purchasing process is pretty nifty, too. Once reserved, Motiv will send out a sizing set so you don’t have to stress about misjudging the size of your fingers.

And if it still hasn’t won you over, the ring is available in rose gold or slate grey.

Currently it’s only available for those lucky ones in the US, but you can sign up on their website to keep your finger on the pulse (all puns intended) and hear when they go international.


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