Lisa Frank has released rainbow Tarot Cards

Because she knows what the people want.

Lisa Frank. You may remember her from the colourful images that would appear on your school lunchboxes, cosmetics sets, colouring books and stationery supplies. At a minimum you’ll recognise her work.

And now, the company behind the woman behind the rainbow and neon-coloured dolphins, pandas, and unicorns, is back to brighten our lives once more. Albeit in a more adult way.

The company has released a Tarot Card Deck featuring its iconic rainbow-hued pals.

Adding colour to the The Emperor, The Fool, The Empress and The High Priestess, the cards are here to tell your future almost as well as a mood ring diagnoses your temper.

It’s like rainy-day wet-timetable recess all over again. Pass over the crustless vegemite sandwich!


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