You can help Ettitude launch its new bamboo charcoal bedding

A world first.

Australian bedding label, Ettitude, understands the importance of a healthy night’s sleep. The label has just launched its new Bamboo Charcoal bedding collection using 100 per cent organic bamboo charcoal lyocell. A world first, we might add.

But there’s a little more work that needs to be done to help kick start the bedding line off the ground.

The new collection has been launched on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, and needs a backing of $30,000 to begin production. 

At the moment, the label has three stretch goals, each requiring an additional $10,000 to cover the expenses of extra colours or patterns. Already, the dove grey has been funded and will be followed by the white grid, indigo blue and mustard for each additional goal reached. 

Now bamboo or charcoal aren’t usually terms thrown around when talking about bed sheets or a good night’s sleep. But little do you know, these materials actually have major health (and sleep) benefits.

The combination of bamboo and charcoal means the sheets have crazy good deodorising and bacteria fighting abilities, wicking away sweat 50 per cent faster than cotton. Yep, that means fresher sheets with less washing.

Your skin and hair will also reap the rewards. Because the sheets are super breathable and free from harmful chemicals, sensitive and acne-prone skin is left at ease. And, you can thank the anti-static bamboo properties for bed hair that’s free of frizz. 

And while this all sounds very high tech, Ettitude’s new collection still keeps it’s styles contemporary and sleek. The range spans pillowcases, flat/top sheets, duvet covers and sheets.  

The sheets are also environmentally friendly and 100 per cent biodegradable, earning them one big eco-friendly tick.

At the moment, when you back the campaign you can score 25% off the collection from Kickstarter.


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