Sydney is getting a Hello Kitty diner!


In the spirit of Hello Kitty’s march towards world domination, the mega-famous feline is further stretching her paws Down Under and opening a Hello Kitty Diner in Sydney. 

Details about the diner are thin thus far, but we know it will feature American-style food including burgers and hotdogs. Of course, this adds nothing to the confusion of Hello Kitty being a Japanese human girl who was born and raised in London.

The Hello Kitty franchise has already set up a cafe in Adelaide selling trademarked Hello Kitty cakes and coffees. It’s pretty cute, but Australia falls behind a little on its creativity factor, in comparison to Tokyo’s Hello Kitty plane, Dubai’s Hello Kitty beauty spa and, get this, Taiwan’s Hello Kitty maternity hospital. (?!?!?!?)

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