This Instagram account calls out companies for greenwashing

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Words by Anthony Graetz

An eco-Diet Prada.

@greenwashwatch is the latest addition to the plethora of Instagram accounts dedicated to calling out misdemeanours in the fashion industry. This time, it’s dedicated publicly shaming companies and their attempts to greenwash products.

Greenwashing is kind of like the eco version of tokenism in the arts industry, occurring mainly when a company markets a product around its alleged environmental benefits which are actually very minor. Greenwashing can make a company appear more environmentally friendly when, in fact, they aren’t.

Green Wash Watch has kicked off their page with the infamous Just Water bottles we have all seen, which claim to be 100% water … well duh? The account drags them through the mud for their ‘biodegradable’ claims which is hilarious but also informative about what we should be looking out for as consumers.

As the fashion industry continues to make huge efforts towards being more sustainable by increasing brand transparency around their supply chains and encouraging discourse around ethical consumption, new phrases and jargon can sometimes outstrip efforts towards consumer education. This gap in collective knowledge means there is a lot of ways brands can use buzz-words in their marketing campaigns to capitalise on a new wave of consumer demand for more sustainable products.

It also means that there are lots of new ways brands can look like they’re doing a lot without actually doing much. Green Wash Watch is cutting out that convoluted marketing spin.

Check it out here.


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