The Australian Government unveils a draft action plan to fight endometriosis

Photography by Holly Engelhardt
Styling by Bonnie Kay
Words by Tara Smith

A step in the right direction.

Chances are, you know at least one person suffering from endometriosis.

It’s a debilitating disease affecting one in 10 women globally and finally, Australia is taking its first steps towards fighting the condition.

Back in December, the Federal Government announced it would draft a National Action Plan for sufferers of endometriosis.

Now, we have received the first draft of that plan, which involves the education of doctors, teachers and employers about the disease, so women no longer have to suffer in silence.

The plan covers three priority areas – awareness and education, clinical management and care, and research.

To address the first, the government has proposed a menstrual education program in school settings for all genders. It also aims to provide GPs and health professionals with a greater understanding of the disease through updated education materials and training. As well as this, a workplace material will be developed for employers to educate them on the impact and prevalence of the disease.

Next, the plan aims to reduce the burden of endometriosis for the 700,000 Australians currently living with it. It proposes the establishment of clinical guidelines to promote all stages of care, as well targeting early diagnosis and access to treatment options for sufferers. The plan also aims to increase affordability, accessibility and care options for all Australians.

Lastly, $2.5 million in funding will go towards research into the condition, to better understand the causes and impacts of endometriosis, as well as progressing to the development of a cure. It joins a further $1 million put forward by Malcolm Turnbull in last week’s budget, to raise overall awareness.

It’s important to note this action plan is only a first draft, with the government calling out for public opinion until May 28. Submissions can be made here.

If you’d like to read the full plan for yourself, head here.


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