Weed-infused wine is coming and our hopes are high for 2018

weed-infused wine

Words By Eve Oswald

High hopes for 2018.

California-based winery Rebel Coast is making weed-infused sauv blanc and 2018 is looking gooood.

We’ve all woken up the day after a big night out swearing we would never drink again. Luckily this drop has the alcohol removed (so no hangover) and is promised to give you a pleasant, giggly high.

With notes of lavender, lemongrass, citrus and of course cannabis, the Rebel Coast bottle has herbaceous notes, according to the website.

Unfortunately for us, it’s not available in Aus due to our marijuana laws.

Due to be released in 2018, looks like a trip to Cali’ might be in order.


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