What’s a self-care ritual you swear by?

Try some of them out, they might work for you.

Welcome to Ask the FJ Community. We’ve tapped our brilliant community of creatives – writers, artists, designers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers – and asked them some of the questions that have been bouncing around our heads during isolation. For the second instalment, we asked: “What’s a self-care ritual you swear by?”. We think we could all do with a glimpse into how others are caring for themselves during this time, and we hope you enjoy their answers as much as we do.

Rob Povey, makeup artist and FJ contributor 

“Nothing compares to the healing powers of a long hot bath. Drop in a Lush bath bomb, dim the lights, burn a candle, pour yourself a whiskey, pop on an SK-II sheet mask, and soundtrack your evening to some Philip Glass.”

Hannah Cole, writer and FJ contributor

“Getting outside. There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air and sunshine to soothe the soul and destress. If I lived closer to the beach you would find me there every day. Instead, I venture to the pool when I can and take time out walking my dog.”

Genevieve Phelan, writer and FJ contributor

“A House Party (the app) session with a pandemic pinot in hand and up to seven of your nearest and dearest mates. Dress code is strictly sweats.”

Vic Anderson, makeup artist and FJ contributor

“I love taking my makeup off every night. Despite my occupation, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so the satisfaction of removing it is unparalleled! Followed by my mini skincare routine.”

Indah Dwyer, writer, model and FJ contributor

“Rolling slowly out of bed, drinking a huge glass of lemon water (I know, old news!) then opening up a window and slowly stretching my body on the yoga mat. Following on from this I like pulling a card from my tarot deck when I remember and then away I go!”

Maggie Zhou, FJ intern

“Hot tea, candles, yoga and an extensive skincare regime do the trick for me. So yes, I am a walking Instagram parody.”

Sabina McKenna, writer, artist, curator and FJ contributor

“Cleaning my space (my bedroom or the whole house if I really feel like it) while listening to a podcast. Then I’ll have a long shower, moisturise, get into clean clothes and then bed. It’s pretty standard, but it’s a good ritual for me if I’m in a bad mood or had a long day. I always think: okay have I eaten something healthy and delicious, am I clean and comfortable? The small things make a big difference to my mood.”

Olivia Hart, writer and FJ contributor

“Long hot silent baths are really mediative, and waking up early-ish. An early start helps me feel more productive, like I’ve already achieved something.”

Kaitlyn Bosnjak, photographer and FJ contributor

“Moving your body. I find my self-care is going to the gym, or as of right now, doing yoga/pilates at home and going out for a quick run in the early morning.”

Phoebe McRae, writer and FJ beauty contributor

“Korean face masks every Sunday. When in doubt, reach for Dr.Jart+.”

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