You can now get succulent Christmas wreaths delivered Australia-wide


Merry Succing Christmas.

The start of November can only mean one thing.

It signals the point where it’s almost socially acceptable to start putting out your Christmas decorations.

Now before you go dragging out your box of tired decorations, let us introduce you to a Christmas wreath that is superior to all others.

Little Succers is producing Christmas wreaths made from succulents, which are much more suited to the Australian climate than any fake snow-covered pine.

You can choose from two wreath options, with a little succulent coverage or a lot.

The Succ A Lil wreath features a cluster of succulents in the bottom quarter, while the Succ A Lot is covered completely.

Each wreath is handmade to order in Sydney, with prices ranging from $90 to $190.

The best part is, once Christmas is over you can put the wreath in your garden and propagate your own family of succulents (wreath not included).

Little Succers ships Australia-wide, making it the perfect early Christmas gift for your home.


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