Bloc Party: Hymns

Clearly a very personal album for frontman, Kele.

Silent Alarm was the official soundtrack of my teenage years. Road trips, house parties, wherever I went – Silent Alarm came with me. But somehow, none of Bloc Party’s following albums seemed to resonate with me (or my fellow Gen Y-ers).

Hymns is the biggest departure from their signature sound, letting up on the restless percussion and synths for something more soulful and introspective. Lyrically, this is their most religious and spiritual work yet – Hymns is clearly a very personal album for frontman, Kele. Despite the heavy themes, the album disappointingly sounds strangely lightweight. The production often feels listless and pedestrian, which tends to suck a lot of pathos out of the songs.

At least we’ll always have Silent Alarm, Bloc Party.


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