Flume: Skin

You’ve made us proud.

Hey look, it’s another surprise album release! This time Australian wonder boy, Flume premiered Skin via a Facebook stream, with an all-star cast of guests.

Mixing a number of radio-friendly vocal tracks with experimental instrumentals, Skin finds Flume really solidifying his sound and his standing in the electronic music world.

It’s a surprisingly epic album that, thanks to the many guest singers, still maintains a level of relatable humanity. Closing track ‘Tiny Cities’, with Beck on vocal duties, is a gorgeous midtempo ballad and has a level of restraint that proves not every track requires an epic bass drop.

There still could’ve been a bit of streamlining done here, with a few instrumentals looping a little too long, but when you’re “aiming to tear the universe apart” with your work, sometimes you have to take a little longer than your average Garageband beat maker.


This review was originally published in Fashion Journal issue 158. You can read the full issue here

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