Grimes: Art Angels

Boldly taking a leap over the to the pop side.

Grimes has long stood in the middle of the increasingly tiresome battle between the indie and pop scenes. The success of her last album Visions only added fuel to the fire, as us indie kids scratched our heads and asked “are we allowed to like this?”

Art Angels shows Grimes clearly and boldly taking a leap over the to the pop side. The bouncy, summery guitar of the opening bars of ‘California’ make this clear. 

Grimes’ voice is also no longer shrouded under echo and distortion – it’s pushed to the front of the mix. These are catchy pop melodies and she wants to make sure you hear that.

Fans of her older material will still find some consolation in the meticulous production work put into the record. She’s still a pro at fitting a ridiculous number of synths and drum patterns into every track.

If you’re still wondering whether it’s OK to like Grimes, it might be time for you to embrace the pop side of life. 


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