Sophie: Product

Totally unnerving.

So, let’s talk about PC Music.

You may have heard about the label/genre through the blogosphere. Taste-makers have long pinned them as the next big pop trend. 

The thing about PC Music is, it’s actually pretty hard to listen to. SOPHIE strips almost all the excess from modern dance, serving you the brittle remains with an extra layer of sugar on top. It’s minimalist pop that blends its most commercial aspects with some of the most discomforting.

The melodies are insanely catchy, but they ride alongside abrasive, artificial synths. There’s something totally unnerving and unnatural about it all.

Somehow though, I’ve listened to almost nothing but SOPHIE and other PC Music for the last month. Even ‘VYZEE’, which I’m certain might actually just be distorted fart noises.

If PRODUCT is, in fact, a comment on modern commercialism, they’ve somehow got me hook, line and sinker.


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