Premiere: Owl Eyes’ new music video will have you grooving around your living room

Photography by Ellie Coker

Alone in Tokyo.

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Owl Eyes has released ‘Tokyo’, the first single and music video from her forthcoming EP, Invisible Woman. The sparkly, ’80s influenced track finds the singer, whose real name is Brooke Addamo, strolling around the song’s namesake city, Tokyo, reflecting on the experience of falling out of love with someone in a place far away from home.

There’s a nostalgic, dreamlike feel to the video, punctuated by neon Japanese signs and lush synths. The slow build of the chorus brings to mind Carley Rae Jepsen’s Emotion era, and although the lyrics detail a love gone wrong, there’s a sense of renewed hope and clarity to the song – it practically shimmers.

Brooke says of the track, “While it feels incredibly weird to be releasing music at a time like this, I’m excited to be putting these songs into the world. I hope they bring some joy into people’s lives and cause people to dance around their living rooms and let go. They were made in a different time, but hopefully, people find what they need in them right now.”

The Invisible Woman EP is set for release on Friday May 29.


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