Lacking M83's usual energy and creative spark.
Thanks to Bey, Tidal's finally making waves.
The self-awareness sets her apart.
Strangely underwhelming.
We get it, Zayn. You like having sex.
Could've used a little more soul.
The future of pop music.
Much like his twitter account, it's a bit of a mess.
Clearly a very personal album for frontman, Kele.
That Rihanna reign just don't let up.
There's still nobody out there with a voice like this.
Totally unnerving.
They seriously know their way around a four-part harmony.
Boldly taking a leap over the to the pop side.
Possibly the best singer in the whole world.
A lush and detailed listen.
Confident and charismatic.
Following the coolest summer break ever.
Heading into darker, more abstract territory.
Dreamy pop done right.
Sweden, you’ve done it again.
An album that is somehow both loud and indescribably quiet at the...
This is pure pop music: the sugary, possibly bad for your health kind...
It literally sounds like the band has used all the colours in the...
Worth an uninhibited bedroom dance or two.