New York based label, TOME, brought its unique, contemporary style back to centre stage for NYFW.

And they did this in the best way possible. In an innovative and admirable move, Aussie boys Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin made use of leftover stock and repurposed old TOME shirts for their new range. The denim was up-cycled as well, sourced in New York and then merged with other fabrics to create patchwork-like pieces.

Their muses for this collection were a double act, with the boys drawing inspiration from American born Barbara Kruger and Lebanese born Palestinian Mona Hatoum. Or, more specifically, their feminist art practices.

Focusing on this inspiration instead of designing under a particular theme resulted in about as much variety as you can get while still calling it the same collection. Oversized coats, corsets, stripes and shearling are just a few elements.

A motif of the evil eye also pops up throughout the collection, from being hand-painted on the back of a jacket to sitting squarely on a model’s chest. Its purpose is to ward off evil spirits, which is probably a good idea at NYFW.

Dan Lecca

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