Make it rain.

Words by

Tara Smith

The online marketplace can be a scary, intimidating place.

I know it, I’ve been there. I was once like you.  

With an overflowing wardrobe and empty pockets, I decided to sell some of my old clothes online. 

I quickly learnt that you don’t have to be a wizard to make a pretty penny out of selling clothes, but there are definitely ways to do it better. 

To save you the stress and monotony of learning it all yourself, I’ve devised a list of the best strategies to sell up big online.   

But god forbid someone ever reports you on PPENNYLANE.

1. Learn what can be sold and what needs to be thrown out

This is an obvious one, but there are some items that just don’t deserve to see the light of day again. Stained? Ripped? Well-worn? See ya later.

2. Photograph like you’re Margaret Zhang

Your poorly lit, blurry photo that looks like its been taken on a 2003 Motorola RAZR just won’t cut it. Use daylight, and preferably against a white or plain wall.

3. Use photos of models wearing the item, as well as your own

The model photos are probably what made you buy the item in the first place, use them!

4. But if something is ‘brand new’ or ‘worn once’ don’t photograph yourself wearing the item

It doesn’t seem very ‘brand new’ to buyers if they see you wearing it. If a buyer suspects wear on an item, they’ll find it. I once had someone complain my item had ‘obvious signs of wear.’ It was brand new and still in its original packaging. Not kidding.

5. Iron your clothes before you photograph them, never lay them on the floor

Wrinkled items laid out on the floor just look cheap, invest in a nice coat hanger.

6. Set your price, then lower it

No matter how much you loved the first Bec & Bridge dress you ever bought, no one is going to pay $100 for it. If you’re not sure about a price, take a look on eBay and see what similar items are selling for.

7. State the specifics

Mention everything you can in the description, because you will be asked about it. Size, fit, measurements, material, RRP, gender of your first-born child, mother’s maiden name, etc.

8. Put every possible word in the title

This is often how buyers find your items, so use the title space you’re given. Selling a white jumpsuit by Finders Keepers? “FINDERS KEEPERS Someday Jumpsuit in white size S RRP $139.95” Which brings us to...

9. Keep your original price tags

It helps when you’ve totally forgotten the RRP. 

10. Know your keywords

Getting creative with your title attracts buyers.

Old = vintage
Loose = oversized
Tight = bodycon

Catch the drift?

11. But don't lie

Small tear along the seam? Photograph it. Teeeeeny tiny stain? Photograph it. This holds especially true for the Facebook groups where a slight omission in your post can mean you're blacklisted for life.

12. Buyers like cheap postage

You’re not meant to make a profit off postage. Charge exactly what the post office charges you and always get tracking.

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