The question 'why?' was asked a lot.

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Zoe Beer

The fashion world can sometimes be a big, scary place. Navigating style under scrutiny (and let’s not even start on the lingo), everyone is bound to make a few mistakes. And whether you’re a trend-setter, trend-follower or trend-avoider, you can’t deny that trends have a spot in #fashun.

But you know what’s always a fun way to take the pressure off? Ragging on all the trends you just don’t get.

We asked around the Furst Media office to find out which fashion trends we just don’t understand and why. Here’s what the crew had to say.

Eliza (intern)
Trend: Jeans and thongs. Oh my God.
Why? The mixing of seasons. Long pants with exposed feet? Is it hot? Is it cold? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Gemma (contributor)
Trend: Wide brim hats, indoors, in the evening
Why? I love a good hat. As someone with a huge head, both physically and metaphorically, I am MAD for a good hat. But why are you wearing one inside? Are you going to get sunburnt? Did you forget sunglasses and are trying to shield your eyes from the harsh rays of shopping centre lighting? Are you at a royal wedding? Clearly not, so don’t.

Veronica (editorial assistant)
Trend: Socks or tights with open-toed sandals
Why? It’s not okay and I don’t understand. Do you love your sandals yet are afraid to expose your feet to the elements? Just stahp.

Mike (graphic design)
Trend: Sportswear
Why? It’s probably because I’m old enough to remember growing up through the sports wear craze. My mum refused to buy me a sweet pair of Nikes so the other kids teased me. Also, non-sporty people wearing sports stuff is just weird.

Nick (distribution)
Trend: High-waisted pants
Why? It looks uncomfortable and the dissymmetry aggravates my OCD.

Michael (Mixdown magazine)
Trend: Birkenstocks
Why? If you want to look like a middle-aged father of two, then these are the sandals for you.

Giulia (online editor)
Trend: Fabric chokers
Why? It's like the leather cap of 2015. You're all going to look back in a year's time and wonder why you ever thought a piece of fabric around your neck made you look cool.

Keats (Mixdown magazine)
Trend: Drop-crotch pants
Why? I can't pretend that my entire wardrobe is filled with garments that only serve a practical purpose, but these make your legs resemble webbed fingers.

Luke (accounts)
Trend: Ellery. Just Ellery.
Why? Because The Fashion Outsider told me not to.

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