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Roula Abi Dib

Australian Style Institute has opened its new campus and boy is it giving us major office envy.

The new Style Space is every stylist’s dream. It’s a black and white, light-filled, marble-everything space for students to connect with peers and industry leaders. The space includes a showroom, office facilities and even a private styling suite to inspire and channel creativity.

Of the development, ASI founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, says: “It takes a particular environment to nurture creativity. The right lighting, the right acoustics, setup and equipment. Every aspect of this space has been thoroughly thought through, to create the best atmosphere for opportunity." 

And it's not just the space that's meticulously planned. Australian Style Institute ensures all its learning opportunities are carefully considered, going way beyond what you'd expect from a styling school. ASI delves into the importance of understanding psychology and human behaviour when working in the industry, coupling this with practical learning and opportunities beyond the classroom.

Not that you'll want to leave. 

Side note: you don’t have to be a student to enjoy this blogger-worthy space. The venue will be used to host fashion forums, showings and creative projects.

*prays a project comes up*


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