Pretty bloody great.

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Fashion Journal

Well, look at this.

Who knew tampons dangling from your ears could look so damn cute? Don’t go racing to your tampon stash, though. That would just be awks.

Instead, let us introduce you to this super cute collab between Cottons and arty jewellery label, Doodad&Fandango. Together, they’re bringing fem hygiene- themed jewellery to your ears.

And there’s one bloody good reason why.

Twenty per cent of all profits from the collab will go directly to Share The Dignity. It’s an organisation doing great work, providing sanitary products to homeless and at-risk women.

We applaud Cottons for their great work, but it’s not the first time. The brand was also the first to introduce 100 per cent cotton tampons to the Australian market in the early ’90s. Today, Cottons continues to deliver an all-natural product and furthers its work in ensuring feminine hygiene products are available to all (yay!).

As for the earrings, they’re pretty bloody great. Each pair is made from glitter and gloss perspex, with a gold laminate backing and Swarovski crystals for a fancy touch. But our fave aspect is the faces.

The heads of the tampons feature one happy and one angry face, to maximise cuteness and represent how most of us feel when Aunt Flo comes to visit.

Cottons x Doodad&Fandango is available now through the Cottons website.


This feature was origionally published in Fashion Journal issue 158.