Dumpster diver.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

We love designers who do things a little differently. Cara Marie Piazza of Calyx is one of those designers.

The self-described "natural dyer and artisan" creates clothing which is dyed naturally using – get this – rubbish. As in actual scraps from the bin.

The New York-based artist creates her dye from "locally grown colour" which, as further research reveals, is code for metal, botanic, plant, mineral and food wastes that she saves from dumpsters. She sources this "locally grown colour" from the bins of local florists, restaurants and weirdly, some bridal parties.

Althought it sounds a little perturbing, Cara's heart is ultimately in the right place.

Her process eliminates the use of synthetic dye in clothing production, which can pollute waterways and create toxicity in the ecosystem. 

To keep things entirely ethical, the designer also sews with Fair Trade silk and produces everything locally in NYC. And the result is seriously stunning.

Calyx’s collection spans luxury lingerie and gowns to “love your bits,” stocked only in one NYC boutique at this stage. However, the designer also does commission works, which is great because this is lingerie worth paying a bit extra for.

...if you're into that.


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