Picture perfect.

Words by

Laura Kennewell

The new campaign by Karen Walker, Magnetic, is a little different to what we're used to.

Shot by two photographers specialising in portraiture, it features eight independent women of various ages and professions. The kicker is, each woman was captured in only five frames.

The images were shot in large format black and white 5x4, with brother and sister photographers, Mark and Deborah Smith, left to consider what they wanted to capture in each shot.

In dismissing the current vogue for shooting endless digital images, Karen called this project: “a suitable response to today’s digital narcissism.”

As for the models, women were chosen in homage to the proto-feminist spirit of Berenice Abbott. According to Deborah, they were “women we admire for the way they live, plus the way they dress."

Alongside Karen Walker herself they include Sophie Wolanski of Muck Floral, sisters Hart and Vita Reynolds, and athletically gifted siblings Mollie and Jemma James. 

At 87 years of age, Von Chunn is the oldest model in the group, while 8-year-old Valentina Gherman is the youngest.

The results are stunning, with the monochrome tones highlighting every detail from the new collection. 

Karen Walker's new collection is now available online and in-store, with the full project available to view here.


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