Fans of The Simpsons get ready to squeal.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

You know the episode where Marge finds that pink Chanel suit on the discount rack? Der you do, you're cool. WELL YOU CAN BUY THAT PINK SUIT.

The “Vintage Coco Chanel Pink 2 Piece Jacket/Skirt Suit Collection 28” as it’s listed online, is available for purchase right now from Eurotrash on Chapel St Prahran.

The handmade suit is 100% wool with 100% silk lining, has interior gold chain detailing and is listed as “hard to find”. But please, like we didn’t know that already.

You’re looking paying a little more than the $90 Marge dropped at the Ogdenville Outlet Mall, with the suit available for a cool $1999. But given the endless amount of alterations that it allows for (see episode for references), it’s totally worth it.


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