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You know those times when you’re not home to receive your long-awaited parcel? It's probs because you’re like the majority of us who, while working business hours, can’t quite catch the postie during your conflicting business day.

So instead, the postie leaves you a little slip directing you to the nearest post-office to pick it up, which makes you wonder why we even have posties in the first place, right?

It’s annoying.

And it’s about to become even more annoying, because Australia Post has just announced that....


...it's about to charge you for this process!

In a change to Australia Post delivery services announced today, customers will soon be charged up to $9 to pick up their undelivered parcels after a set number of days.

Currently, post offices hold undelivered parcels for 10 days at no cost before being returned to the sender. But as of August 1, if a package isn’t collected within five days, customers will be charged $3 to pick it up.

And if you can’t pick your parcel up for another week?

You will be charged an additional $3 for each week the package is held. Packages will be held for up to 30 days with customers paying up to $9 to retrieve an item.

The initiative is said to have been introduced in response to customer demand.

An Australia Post spokesman told news.com.au in a statement, the idea was to allow customers more time to collect their parcels.

Hellooo?? Guys at AusPost…

This is not how to make your customers happy. 


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