Keep bleeding. I keep, keep bleeding.

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Veronica Stanford

Let’s be honest. We’ve all left our tampon in for too long at one time or another. When you have that moment of realisation you over-dramatically rush to the bathroom, praying you won’t succumb to TSS.

One startup is about to make this mild panic a thing of the past. My.Flow is making tampons safer, by telling you exactly when your tampon needs to be changed.

It works by connecting a Bluetooth monitor device to a specially-made tampon. The tampons have insulated, extra-long strings that attach to the monitor and then clip onto the waistband of your undies. That means you don’t actually put the device all up in ya, so don’t stress.

The device monitors your flow, tracking dampness and transmitting the information to your phone. You can open the app to find out just how full your tampon is (to the exact percent). It'll also let you know when it’s time to change, while allowing you to compare each month’s period.

My.Flow is still yet to launch but when it does, the monitor is expected to retail at $50 US, with a month’s supply of tampons costing $13 US.

See how it works below.


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Bonnie Kay

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