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Skin deep.

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What’s a serum? And do you really need one?

Yes friends, you do.

Designed to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin, apply after cleansing but before moisturising. You’ll be on your way to smooth, hydrated and lit-from-within skin.

Brand: Napoleon Perdis
Name: Skin Elixir Serum Broad Spectrum SPF15
Available from: Napoleon Perdis
Price: $59
Leaves skin smooth and with a soft glow. Not as easily absorbed as other serums, but a saviour on those days when intense hydration is needed.
Smells slightly powdery
Feels extremely light

Brand: Aesop
Name: Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum
Available from: Aesop
Price: $67
Perfect for those with slightly oily skin. It absorbs quickly with a matte finish, ideal to be worn under makeup. Be sure to follow with a moisturiser.
Smells: slightly herbaceous yet clean
Feels a little thicker than other serums with a matte finish

Brand: Hylamide
Name: Booster Series Low-Molecular HA
Available from: Priceline
Price: $29.99

Just call this 30ml of magic. It features five forms of hyaluronic compounds with varying molecular weights, meaning a little goes a very long way. Highly recommended.
Smells: no noticeable scent
Feels: very quick to absorb, no oily residue

Brand: Codage
Name: No.3 Serum Radiance & Energy
Available from: Mecca Cosmetica
Price: $152
At $152 for 30ml, this is a little pot of liquid gold. If, however, you take your skincare seriously, it’s a worthwhile investment. The antioxidant-infused formula delivers brighter, radiant and hydrated skin.
Smells: expensive
Feels: lightweight and extremely fast to absorb, no oily residue

Brand: Bobbi Brown
Name: Intensive Skin Supplement
Available from: Bobbi Brown
Price: $110
This one absorbs ridiculously fast, so much so, you won’t feel the results straight away. After a week, however, skin is noticeably softer and smoother.
Smells: not the most pleasant. Definite notes of children’s strength Robitussin.
Feels: after a few minutes you’ll forget you’ve even put it on.

Brand: Thalgo
Name: Collagen Concentrate
Available from: thalgo.com.au
Price: $93
You’ll notice this one working its magic almost instantly. Skin feels noticeably softer and plumper.
Smells: there are definite sunscreen and lolly notes
Feels: skin is left a little sticky
Rating: ☆1/2

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 167. You can read it here.

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