Hogwarts chic.

Words by

Tara Smith

In news that comes as no surprise to anyone, Australians bloody love iridescent adidas Superstars.

A recent study by Polyvore and Yahoo7 delved into Australian shopper habits and the results were none too surprising.

Superstars were the number one shoe searched, followed by the Stan Smith, which really isn’t a shock to anyone.

Along with the shoes, boho bedding and terrariums were top searched in the home category, because we’re bohemian babes, obviously.

It turns out we don’t really care about male celebrities, with the first male appearing at spot 30 in top searches, soz Harry Styles.

But proving we all have our priorities in order, the second most searched male is Harry Potter.

Not bad for a bunch of muggles.

Our top searched celeb was Gigi Hadid (obvs), followed by Jamie Chung and Suki Waterhouse. In a moment of national pride, ultimate private school girl Ja’mie King came in sixth place in front of Kylie Jenner. Amazing.

Apparently we’re reaaal into the Givenchy Antigona and round Céline shades in pink too, so we’re a pretty trendy bunch.

Now excuse us while we slip into our boho-inspired sheets to start our HP marathon.


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