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Corsets are so last century.

At least, they were. But Kym Ellery proved that to be far from true when she showcased her Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection at Paris Fashion Week yesteryday.

With the rise of feminism over the last year or so, incorporating the out-dated fashion accessory seems like a controversial move. But hey, we needed a little controversy.

Kym was of course asked about her thought process.

"I wanted to explore how a corset might be relevant to today’s woman," she told Vogue.

She deconstructed the corset and reworked it in a contemporary way. The end result saw the garment appearing in her Fall collection, not as a means to cinch the waist, but merely as an embellishment.

Corsetry was seen on many of the pieces that came down the runway. It was found in embroidery along hems, boned panels on mannish coats and acting as wide belts. Sounds like pure innovation to us.

In other news, Kym also revealed her first ever shoe collection which went out with a bang. We’re talking thigh-highs and blue velvet. Yaaaas.


[Images via Vogue Runway]

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