What a time to be alive.

Words by

Anastasia McInerney

It seems these days you can get crowdfunding for just about anything. From setting up a Kombucha brewing station in your backyard to sourcing some cash to fund your sea monkeys community, it seems someone, somewhere, is willing to give you a hand.

So when ACED Design decided to produce men’s rompers, the idea was met with applause and high fives (or whatever frat boys do).

For only $5 on Kickstarter you can ‘Be a RompHero’ and help support the label to produce men's rompers. OK, sure.

Apparently, it started when a group of business school guys sat around drinking beers and found a hole in the menswear market for a stylish, comfortable and versatile option.

As if the idea couldn’t get stranger, the promotional video features a guy with an axe, other men dancing at Coachella and someone working out, all in rompers.

We have no problem with men wearing rompers, but we are a little confused with the marketing.

However, it looks like we’re in the minority, with the Kickstarter fund almost tripling the orginial $10,000 goal. 

Check out the website for an exercise in clever campaigning and baffling fashion ‘revolution’ making.


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