Kick-starting the ethical shopping revolution.

Words by

Lana Peggie

An ethical shopping revolution is coming.

Taking centre stage is the soon-to-be-released ethical shopping app, Good On You. It rates over 1000 mainstream local and international brands like Gucci, Top Shop, Uniqlo and Bonds (to name a few), based on their impact on the environment, people and animals. 

The app allows you to post and see feedback, it suggests possible alternative brands with better ratings, and is able to learn what you like (think your own personal ethical stylist). It then provides you with the closest stores and/or online options for the chosen brand. Pretty neat, huh? 

Now in the crowdfunding stage, the app is needing some serious support to reach it’s $15,000 tipping point. Check out Good On You’s progression here and help kick start the ethical shopping revolution. 

“Changing the world one shopping choice at a time.”

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