Say hello to the non-model faces of Marc by Marc Jacobs 2015.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

We’ve all had a few of those sneaky ‘what if?’ moments, when we take a selfie and think "damn, I could be a model."

For a lucky few, the fantasy became reality when fairy godfather Marc Jacobs came to grant this particular wish, again.

For the second time in a row, a batch of awesomely regular people have been selected to be the face of the new Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 collection.

After the success of his AW14 campaign, the hastag #castmemarc was again used to find another non-model cast on Instagram and Twitter. The new collection, shot by David Sims features a bunch of fresh faces, teamed with brightly coloured hair and quirky couture to match.


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