Interview: Glam Your Clam

Because pun-derpants are the best idea.

Generally, us girls prefer to keep people like Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg out of our underpants. However, the ladies behind Glam Your Clam might disagree. Glam Your Clam is a Melbourne based lingerie brand which puts famous faces and puns on basic and comfortable panties. We spoke to the brands creators, Lucie Howson and Isa Lappalainen, about their mission to glam the world’s clams.

What was the original inspiration behind Glam Your Clam?
It started as a school project in visual arts. Isa needed a final project to work with and had had the idea of printing puns on panties for a while. After starting printing them she was inspired by the idea to wear inappropriate jokes on your clam.

What is it about world leaders and funny puns on underpants that is so alluring?
It’s very foreign for a political leader to enter the world of a woman’s intimate parts. We believe that it’s the fact that it is so unexpected and absurd that makes it really funny.

Have you had any interesting requests for Glam designs?
We were approached by an Italian women via Facebook who wanted to do a collaboration. She inquired whether we could create some designs for her and then she would wear them for a few days before re selling them, some sort of used underwear fetish thing …

We also get lots of ideas from our friends, and many of our customers come with great requests that we really appreciate. One example is a Harry Potter design with the words “welcome to my chamber of secrets”; one we are particularly fond of.

Where next for Glam Your Clam?
In the next few weeks we’ll be introducing our own online store and releasing a promotional video that was produced and directed by Amy Dellar, we’re really excited about that! We’re also looking to organise some sort of an event where we can showcase our designs, new and old, and have a screening for our video. But of course our ultimate aim is to be invited onto the Ellen DeGeneres Show…

Can we have a future pun preview?
Two words : George Costanza

Now for a personal question, can I request a Drake design?
Yeah. Started in the bottom now I’m here.

Follow Glam Your Clam here and shop their range of ‘pundies’ here.

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